Emmanuel Bible College



Transfer credit is accepted from institutions of higher learning for subjects appropriate to the curricula of the EBC program. All applicants who have attended other colleges or universities are required to have all official transcripts mailed directly by the issuing school(s) to the executive director for enrollment and student development or the registrar. In addition to the transcript, it is sometimes necessary to provide a catalog, course descriptions, or other documentation from the former college or university to help determine the content and applicability of a class. The registrar will evaluate the transcript and award applicable transfer credit(s).

Note: Transcript evaluations will not be completed until application has been made to EBC, the appropriate application fee paid, and all transcripts received. Credit will only be considered for “C” grades or above.

Provisional credit may be granted from certain unaccredited institutions. Provisional credit will be fully accepted after an evaluation of the unaccredited institution, evaluation of the coursework for the courses under consideration, and successful completion by the student of 32 semester hours of work at EBC with a minimum 2.0 GPA.

Transfer credit may be accepted for English requirements subject to satisfactory scores on the English Proficiency Examination. No English credit will be accepted for students with proficiency scores below EBC English standards. Students entering the college who have already earned a baccalaureate or higher degree at an accredited institution are not required to complete the English testing requirement.