Emmanuel Bible College


Emmanuel Bible College offers financial aid in the form of academic scholarships and employment. Applications for all forms of financial aid are available in the Administrative Office. Consumer information related to the financial aid programs of Emmanuel Bible College, its policies and procedures, and student eligibility may be obtained by contacting the executive director.


Generally, financial aid is tailored to help meet the needs of the student, but both the student and the college must recognize that the primary responsibility for paying college expenses rests with the student. Eligibility for the various types of aid is determined by analyzing the information provided on the student financial aid application. The student may apply for one or more types of aid depending upon qualifications and the funds available. The student must be enrolled for at least three hours and be in good academic standing to be eligible for financial aid.



A student placed on probation because of disciplinary or academic reasons may forfeit all rights to financial assistance. If a student drops below threehours, institutional aid is forfeited at the rate of refund listed in Policy on Refunds.