Emmanuel Bible College



Emmanuel Bible College was founded for the specific purpose of training individuals for Christian ministry. Special emphasis is given to spiritual values, theological and critical thinking, spiritual formation, and ministerial skill development.


Regarding the ministry and the minister, the Manual of the Church of the Nazarene states:


The Church of the Nazarene recognizes and insists that all believers have committed to them a dispensation of the gospel that they are to minister to all people. We also recognize and hold that the Head of the Church calls some men and women to the more official and public work of the ministry....


When the church discovers this divine call, the proper steps should be taken for its recognition and endorsement, and all suitable help should be given to open the way for the candidate to enter the ministry....


The perpetuity and the efficiency of the Church of the Nazarene depend largely upon the spiritual qualifications, the character, and the manner of life of its ministers.


The minister of Christ is to be in all things a pattern to the flock….


The minister of the gospel in the Church of the Nazarene must have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, and be sanctified wholly by the baptism with the Holy Spirit. The minister must have a deep sense of the fact that souls for whom Christ died are perishing, and that he or she is called of God to proclaim or make known to them the glad tidings of salvation.


The minister must likewise have a deep sense of the necessity of believers going on to perfection and developing the Christian graces in practical living . . . must have a strong appreciation of both salvation and Christian ethics.


The minister must have gifts, as well as graces, for the work. He or she will have a thirst for knowledge, especially of the Word of God, and must have sound judgment, good understanding, and clear views concerning the plan of redemption and salvation as revealed in the Scriptures (Par. 400-401.4, pp. 168-169, 2001-2005).


All persons desiring to serve the Church of the Nazarene as ordained ministers, ministers of Christian education, or ministers of music, must be examined by the District Ministerial Credentials Board. This board will carefully inquire of each candidate as to his or her personal experience of salvation, experience of entire sanctification by the baptism of the Holy Spirit, knowledge of biblical doctrines, intellectual, moral, and spiritual qualifications, and general fitness for the ministry to which the candidate feels called. The college seeks through various means to guide students in the achievement of these goals.