Emmanuel Bible College



There are various spiritual development components of biblical knowledge, faith formation, and mentoring offered through chapel, classroom experience, and faculty interaction. In addition, the college and Christian community provide many other opportunities for the student to develop his or her inner life. 



From time to time, chapel services of the college are planned for worship, inspiration, and instruction. Throughout the academic year, chapel speakers, chosen as Christian ministry models, include church leaders, pastors, community resource persons, faculty members, students, and college administrative leaders. This common experience of worship shared by students, faculty, and administration forms one of the abiding strengths of the Emmanuel Bible College experience.


Local Churches

Ninety four Churches of the Nazarene in the Los Angeles County minister to students and their families. The pastors serve as shepherds, spiritual advisors, and ministerial models to students. These churches, varying in size from beginning church plants to a worship attendance of more than 1,000, offer the student many opportunities for service and fellowship. Long, happy relationships exist among the local churches, the college, graduates, and present students.


Church Planting

Students and faculty are regularly involved in planting churches in the Los Angeles County area.