Emmanuel Bible College



Emmanuel Bible College offers two degrees: Bachelor of Biblical Studies and Associate of Biblical Studies.

The Sourcebook on Ministerial Development, 1999, published by Clergy Development, Church of the Nazarene, stipulates the requirements for elder or deacon ordination within the Church of the Nazarene. The B.Min. with a major in Pastoral Ministries meets the requirements for the elder ordination course of study as outlined in the Sourcebook. The B.Min. degree with a major in Christian Educational Ministries or a major in Music Ministries meets the requirements for the deacon ordination course of study for those respective fields. Ordination requirements for other deacon tracks are supported by specific programs.

Students should consult their academic advisor or the executive director for academic affairs for details.

Fulfilling ordination requirements in one’s respective denomination, however, will be the responsibility of the individual student.

In addition to the ministerial preparation degree tracks, Emmanuel Bible College offers two non-degree programs:

  1. Layman’s Ministerial Certificate (Ordination Course of Study)
  2. Christian Discipleship

Students not enrolled in regular programs may take private and class instruction in applied music. Such work may be taken for college credit as a special student.