Emmanuel Bible College





PAS-1013 – Introduction to Christian Service (3)

An exploration of a Christian’s call to service and ministry and the nurture and development of that call within the context of contemporary society.

PAS-1023 – Spiritual Formation (3)
A course integrating fundamental Christian doctrine with personal experience in the journey toward wholeness in Christ emphasizing scripture, discipline, and community as essential Wesleyan patterns of devotion.


PAS-2013 – The Practice of Christian Ministry (3)

A course giving special attention to the personal and professional character of
the minister and the practice of ministry. Prerequisite: Introduction to Christian Service.

PAS-2023 – History and Polity of the Church of the Nazarene (3)
A study of the history of the Church of the Nazarene with special attention
given to its organization, heritage, and distinctive mission. Non-Nazarene
students may petition for a special study in their own denominational history
and polity.
PAS-3013 – Worship (3)
A course providing an overview of Christian worship including biblical and historical perspectives. The major emphasis is on the pastor’s role of formulating and leading worship services.
PAS-3023 – Pastoral Care and Counseling (3)
A course dealing with principles of psychological and biblical counseling, providing ministry to the physically, spiritually, and emotionally ill. This study
is integrated with other more traditional aspects of pastoral care. Selfunderstanding and listening skills are emphasized, as well as religious
resources and exercises such as Scripture, prayer, and openness and
obedience to the inner direction of the Holy Spirit.
PAS-3033 – Christian Preaching I (3)
An introduction to homiletical principles and the practice of sermon preparation. Prerequisites: Introduction to the Old Testament and Introduction to the New Testament, Biblical Interpretation, Principles of Public Speaking, and two
English composition courses.
PAS-3043 – Christian Preaching II (3)
An application of homiletical principles and practices through preaching. Prerequisites: Christian Preaching I.
PAS-4013 – Studies in Spiritual Formation (3)
An advanced course exploring the uniqueness of a person’s lifelong spiritual development toward Christlikeness with attention given to the shaping power
of Scripture and spiritual disciplines. Prerequisite: Spiritual Formation or permission of the executive director for academic affairs.


PAS-4023 – Church Administration and Finance (3)

An overview of the role of the pastor in relation to the organization and management of the local church. Special attention will be given to the various aspects of local church finances. Prerequisite: Completion of at least 96 credit hours.

PAS-4063 – Understanding the Smaller Church (3)
A study to explore the uniqueness, opportunities, and challenges of the smaller church and to develop ways to assist the smaller church to succeed in its
mission. Prerequisite: Introduction to Christian Service.
PAS-4073 – Advanced Preaching Lab (3)
A course to help students further develop preaching skills. Prerequisite: Christian Preaching II.
PAS-4083 – Issues in the Practice of Christian Ministry (3)
An elective course offering the opportunity for an in-depth study of a particular theme related to pastoral ministry. (May be repeated with different study.)
PAS-4092 – Senior Ministry Integration (2)
A course designed to take place during the student’s senior year through
which the student will integrate classroom learning with ministry experience.
This class shall include a demonstration of a significant ministry experience
of at least 100 hours during the course and an understanding for each student
of ways his or her education will support ministry. The course also requires a pastor-mentor relationship with someone who has had at least five years experience in the area of ministry the student is pursuing. Prerequisite: Completion of at least 96 credit hours.
PAS-4112, 4113, 4122, 4123, 4132, 4133 – Residency I, II, III (2-6)
In the fourth year, a student may apply to the Academic Council for permission
to serve as a junior staff member in an approved local church or in an approved ministry setting. Approval criteria may be obtained from the executive director for academic affairs. This program is intended to be an in-depth, actual ministry experience and is different from the Senior Ministry Integration which deals primarily with issues of integration of theory and practice of ministry. (May be repeated to a maximum of 6 semester hours in a degree program.) Prerequisites: Senior Ministry Integration, Multiple Staff and Team Ministries, completion of
96 credit hours, cumulative GPA of 3.0 and approval of Academic Council.



OTR-2013 – Global Evangelism (3)

An overview of the biblical, theological, and historical foundations for personal, congregational, and mass evangelism strategies, both local and global. Attention will also be given to the role of the Church of the Nazarene in global missions as well as the development of new Great Commission strategies.


OTR-2023 – Foundations of Missions (3)

An introduction to the study of Christian missions. Consideration is given to:
the biblical, theological, and historical foundations of missions; the call, personal qualifications, and selection of missionary personnel; the relation of the missionary to the church; and the nature and objectives of missionary service.

OTR-4013 – Developing a Missional Church (3)
A study of the principles and strategies required to develop a healthy congregation that fulfills the great commission as a missionary church within
our diverse cultural context. Prerequisite: Introduction to Christian Service. OTR-4023 – Evangelism (3)
A thorough study of public and personal evangelism built on the New Testament mission of the church, particularly as modeled in the Book of Acts. Evangelistic preaching, apologetic methods, revivalism, discipleship, personal soul winning, and follow-up are addressed.
OTR-4043 – Introduction to Church Planting (3)
A course providing students with the foundations, principles, and practical
helps in the formation of new congregations within the biblical New Testament context.
OTR-4053 – Urban Ministry (3)
A biblical and theological rationale for urban ministry and a study of the challenges and opportunities for doing ministry in the urban context.
OTR- 4093 – Issues in the Outreach Ministries (3)
An elective course offering the opportunity for an in-depth study of a particular theme related to outreach ministries. (May be repeated with different study.) Prerequisites: Global Evangelism, 9 hours of Bible and Theology, and 9 hours of professional ministries courses.